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The best quality solutions for Africa Well water supply needs, Water Treatment, Borehole Drilling and Maintenance

We have the capacity to respond to all types of commercial and residential water supply needs from all types of clients including, residential homes, beverages bottling companies, mineral water suppliers, and local government water supply companies

Water Survey
 We also do boreholes water survey to determine the presence, quality and quantity of water in a given site for suitability. This is usually the first step in water boreholes drilling process. The outcome of the survey contains  
  • Design schematic 
  • Geological sequence 
  • site map 
  • target aquifer 
  • Borehole depth         
  • Water quality   
  •  Drilling Conditions     
  • Schematic of the underlying hydrogeology    

With over 10 years’ experience of providing well water solutions across Sub-Saharan Africa. Our boast of an extensive portfolio of Drilling equipment, Motorized power supply units, a fleet ofTrucks and rigs, that uniquely enables us to reach any location; including ASAL (Arid and Semi-Arid Locations) fast and efficiently. 


  Whether for farming, residential use or commercial water supply demand, Aqua Solar Technologies Limited is the most Reliable, Experienced and Dependable Borehole Water Supply solutions provider in Africa  


  The process of drilling a borehole whether for commercial or residential purposes may seem complicated and demanding to first timers. Our experienced technical team is just a call away to help you navigate through the process of acquiring a new borehole or water supply well effortlessly.  


 Our professional team  have the experience and the expertise  to design, drill and install your water borehole exactly as you specified - and even if its located in a remote, restricted terrain, we're confident to get on your site and get the work done perfectly. 
Affordable Borehole Services
Contact Aqua Solar Technologies to Find your perfect solution:
  We have extensive experience in designing, drilling, installation and equipping High capacity water boreholes. We have worked with local government water supply companies, mineral water producers, farmers, hospitality companies which require large volumes of reliable water supply for their production processes.

   In addition, we have the latest drilling equipment, Experts and the financial capacity to undertake any size of water borehole or well projects. 

Be it a new project, expansion, or rehabilitation. Our professional team is mission ready to quickly respond to any technical emergencies and to assist you with any problem with your water borehole installation. Don’t hesitate to Contact our team today for a timely and accurate solution: .  
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Borehole maintenance
   Our water Borehole maintenance services include repairs, replacement of water pumps, spare parts and other borehole accessories. Preventive maintenance which is carried out periodically is critical to ensuring the operational readiness of your water borehole, safety and the efficiency of your supply at all times:  
  • A periodic visit by our field services engineering team  
  • Extensive checkup of core system specifications and functions      
  • Requested System improvements   
  • Preventive replacement of worn parts 
  • Priority and quick response on repair requests 
  • Field service and system performance reports   
  • Discount on costs of labour and spare parts   

Africa's  Artesian Well Water Experts

  Aqua Solar Technologies Limited is your trusted partner for clean and safe water. 
Call us today for a personalized water treatment solution:
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  The surest way to get your borehole water supply system up and running is to work with Aqua Solar Technologies Limited. Reach out to us and we will answer all your questions to help you decide on the best solution for your water supply needs.  

Quality Borehole spare parts
  In addition to finding water, drilling water wells across Africa, we stock and supply borehole pumps, borehole accessories, solar water pumps for water supply systems, we work closely with our clients from selection, design, drilling installation and maintenance of boreholes.   

 Every water well system we install is designed and tailor-made to meet the unique requirements of each client. Whether you want to save money, become self-sufficient or harness green energy for water or heat supply, we can help with our borehole drilling and pump installation services  
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borehole Drilling Checklist 
 The process of drilling a borehole whether for commercial or residential purposes may seem complicated and demanding to first time owners. Our technical support team is just a call away to help you navigate through the process of acquiring a new borehole or water supply well effortlessly and without accruing unnecessary costs. 

 The key factors that are always considered in any borehole water supply system project include:
  • The Cost 
  •  Availability of water (Survey Results)
  • Permits from Environmental Regulatory Agencies
test pumping
 We have equipment that use latest technology to carry out the tests and provide a detailed reporting service in Kenya and Africa. We guarantee our customers accurate test pumping results that reflect the actual yield of the borehole.

 It is important to have accurate reports of a given borehole for proper planning. Installation of a storage tanks, casing, water pump and the size of population to be served by the borehole, all depend on the yield. The results we provide are 100% reliable and very accurate. 
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